Sushmita Sen talks about her journey as an outsider in Film industry

Sushmita Sen’s comeback with digital series Aarya,  The actress has won rave response for her act

In a recent interview she spoke about her journey at the movies as an outsider.

Sushmita Sen who has been an outsider in this industry gives her take on how an outsider makes it in the industry and what are the challenges it faces

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Referring to the whole outsider-insider debate that has come in spotlight after Sushant Singh Rajput’s death.

She said in the Inerview :

“A lot of young people come from smaller cities, who live, breathe and eat cinema. They want to become actors, directors or follow some creative pursuit here. The hunger in them is fantastic, but it often gets seen as desperation,” points Sen, adding that everybody then tries to take advantage of this desperation, wherever one goes.

she further added , once given a break and making it in the industry, the competition is yet another pressure.

“Given the competition in the industry, this desperation then becomes too much a pressure. So, instead of performance, one is judged by his/her followers on social media and how many have applaud them. It’s like if we can market it well, we can sell anything.” she added

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“I’m an outsider but I was approached to be a part films default because of the beauty pageant I won. I never thought of becoming an actor, but when I took it up, I felt I can learn and grow here,” 

She further adds , “May be at that point I wasn’t an evolved person and it showed on screen. I take responsibility for that. I kept working hard, but was never desperate.” she says

“But I always knew that whatever I do, I’ll do it with integrity and respect. I’ll earn it. I’ve lived my life in a way where you can’t be in the same room with me and speak to me in a language which is ‘ok’ with a lot of other people. You could be the biggest filmmaker or hero, but you should show respect,” says Sen

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