How to Deactivate WordPress Plugins

How to deactivate wordprss plugin

WordPress plugins you can turn them off temporarily by deactivating them or you can completely remove WordPress plugins by uninstalling them.

Here are the guide for deactivate the wordpress plugins

How to Deactivate a WordPress Plugin

if u want deactivate a WordPress plugin, then you need to visit the Plugins » Installed Plugins page inside your WordPress admin area.

How to Deactivate a WordPress Plugin

As you can see in the above picture ,you need to select the WordPress plugin that you want to deactivate and it will show you a link to deactivate that particular plugin.

Clicking on the link will simply deactivate the WordPress plugin right away.

Once you deactivate the plugin, it still remains installed on your website, but WordPress will stop loading it.

If you want to start using the plugin again, then you will just need to click on the Activate link below it.

How to Bulk Deactivate WordPress Plugins

Instead of deactivating one plugin at a time, WordPress makes it easy to deactivate multiple or all WordPress plugins quickly.

How to Deactivate Bulk  WordPress Plugins

Simply visit the Plugins » Installed Plugins page and check the box next to the plugins you want to deactivate. If you want to deactivate all WordPress plugins, then simply check the box at the top to select all plugins.

Next, you need to select ‘Deactivate’ from the ‘Bulk Actions’ drop-down menu and click the ‘Apply’ button.

How to Uninstall a WordPress Plugin

WordPress makes it easy to uninstall plugins from the admin area. Simply log in to your WordPress dashboard and go to the Plugins page.

You will see the list of installed plugins on your site, active plugins will be highlighted with a blue color.

If you want to uninstall an active plugin, then first you will need to deactivate it. After that, Click on the delete link below the plugin that you want to uninstall.

You should not Keep Deactivated WordPress Plugins Installed on Your Site

If you are not going to use those plugins, then you should not keep inactive or deactivated WordPress plugins installed on your website.

Inactive plugins don’t have any performance impact on your website. However, plugins contain executable files and can be used by hackers to hide malware.

Apart from security concern, they also increase your WordPress backup size, show up as false positive in security scans, and cause other issues.

we recommend users to delete inactive plugins from their site.

How to deactivate All plugins using FTP

With this method you need ,FTP client or your host file manager . Once you connect to your FTP client or file manager in cPanel ,you need to navigate to the wp-content/folder

wp-content folder- How to deactivate wordpress plugin

You can see above picture folder name plugin ,this is where all your plugins were stored in the wordpress website.

Right click on the plugin name and select Rename . change the plugin folder name anything you like

plugin folder rename in FTP client

Renaming the plugin folder will stop wordpress installation from plugin section and disable it within the site, allow you to load your site and login into the Admin dashboard .

Deactivate All plugin Using phpMyAdmin

This method little bit tougher then the FTP method .You need login to the your web hosting dashboard, cPanel section click on the phpmyadmin under the Database section.

Using phpMyAdmin-How to deactivate wordpress plugin

if click on phpMyAdmin, new browser window will open .You need to select the wordpress database ,you can able to see now wordpress database tables.

phpmyadmin database tables

You need to click on the Wp-options tables.Inside wp-options you will able to see different options , you need to find the option ‘active_plugin’ and then click on the ‘Edit’ next to it

active_plugins option in the database table

On the next screen, you will need to change the option_value field to a:0:{} and then click on Go button to save your change

option_value option in phpmyAdmin

Now you have successfully deactivated all your WordPress plugins using phpMyAdmin.

We hope this article helped you to deactivate your plugins in wordpress.

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