Cincinnati Mom Hires Strippers For 14 Yr Old Birthday Party – Livestreams It!!

A Cincinnati Mom is currently under investigation by child protective services .The mom allegedly hired two strippers to perform at her son’s 14th birthday party – and posted pictures and videos of the incident online.

The incident occurred during the 2020 COVID-19 quarantine, while the city was under lockdown and citizens were urged to conduct “social distancing”

The mother decided to surprise her son and his friends, by hiring two strippers – ho would perform for the boys, and give thee teenagers lap dances. According to the mom, no sexual contact was allowed between the boys and the strippers.

But images from the event show that the boys were allowed to grope the adult female dancers.


When the video and images started going viral, people questioned why a mother would throw such an “inappropriate” party for a young boy. The mom didn’t;t seem to think there was a problem, she claims that as long as there was no sex between the boys and the dancers, it was all in good fun. Look at her response:

Unfortunately for theh mother, multiple people contacted the Cincinnati Department of Child Services and reported her actions.

Here is a video showing the teen boys getting lap dances from the strippers. Warning – very graphic imagery:

LINK TO VIDEO – Warning contains graphic content 

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