90-Y-O Grandma Steps in Front of Cop’s Guns to Protect Grandson-Shocking Video

90-Y-O Grandma Steps in Front of Cop's Guns to Protect Grandson-Shocking Video

A shocking incident occurred  in Texas ,United States a grandmother jumped in front of policemen gun in order to protect her 21-year-old grandson Tye Anders

The incident occurred on May 16 after Midland police tried to arrest Anders when he jumped a stop sign.

Bodycam footage released by cops, police can be seen chasing Anders to his driveway and giving him instructions to peacefully exit the vehicle

Later Anders can be seen standing unarmed on his lawn with his hands in the air and then kneeling on the ground as a cop points a gun at him from inside his car

Watch the Video here :

After Anders pulls into the driveway of his grandmother’s home, police can be seen and heard on bodycam video asking Anders to get out of his car, but he initially refused. He stayed in the car for over five minutes before exiting, according to timestamped police bodycam video.

The cops also said that they asked Anders walk toward them in order to be detained for the traffic violation.

“I do not fault the officers for drawing their weapons,” James A. Gagliano, CNN law enforcement analyst, said. “When Anders wasn’t compliant they (police) had to be suspicious that there was something more there because he was running away from a ticket for running a stop sign. That’s not normal behavior.” As per the CNN report

Anders’ elderly grandmother stepped out of the house to intervene in the situation. As the police converged on Anders to handcuff him. It is unclear from the footage why she fell, though police claim the woman lost her balance and fell.

Videos of the incident have gone viral on Twitter , here are people reaction about this video

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