8 Best Ways to Lose Belly Fat in 3 month for live Healthy Life

how to lose belly fat

Figuring out how to lose belly fat is the hardest thing for those ,who want to lose belly fat . Lots of fat in the abdominal area is linked to disease like 2 type diabetes and heart disease.

For this reason ,losing belly fat has good benefit for your health .Here are the 8 steps you need to take to lose your excess fat around your waist

1.Stop Drinking Fruit Juice

Stop Fruit Juice - lose belly fat
Fruit Juice |Image by Getty image

Fruit juice might provides vitamin and minerals ,its just as high in sugar as soda and other sweetened beverages .

Drinking large amount of fruit juice may carry the risk of fat gain.

Instead of fruit juice you can drink water or unsweetened iced tea or lemon juice without sugar

According to the study Apple juice contain 24 grams of sugar,grape juice has 32 grams of sugar

2.Do Aerobic Exercise that help you lose belly fat

Do Aerobic exercise that helps you to Lose belly fat
Aerobic exercise |image by Getty image

Aerobic exercise ( cardio) is an effective way to burn calories and improve your health

One of study found that women lost fat from all areas when they did aerobic exercise for 300 minutes per week compared to who exercised 150 minutes per week

Aerobic exercise particularly effective in slimming your waistline .

3.Cut carbs from your diet

Cutting carbs form diet
Cutting carbs |Image by shutter stock

Carbs can found quickly in snack foods such as chips. crab restriction is a very effective way to lose fat

Eating a good protein can make easier to cut back on carbs ,its important if your trying to lose weight

A low-crab diet limits carbohydrates .Found in grains ,starchy vegetables and fruits , food high in protein such as bread in the diet . Many types of low curb diet exist .

A low crab diet is generally used for losing weights ,beyond weight loss other benefit are such as reducing risk associated with 2 type diabetes

4. Avoid drinking soda or sugar sweetened drinks

Avoid drinking soda or Sugar sweetened drinks which  may cause fat in belly

Ice cold soda or sugar sweetened drinks may taste delicious but Research may get you rethink .

Consumption sweetened beverages has linked to weight gain ,obesity and associated health risks .

When you eat lot added sugar the liver gets overloaded with fructose and is forced to turn it into fat.

According to study Consumption sweetened beverages is also associated with unhealthy behavior like Smoking , eating fast food often etc.

According to the study the body doesn’t burn additional calories in sweetened drinks .Reducing fat metabolism and causing the body to use less energy to metabolism efficiency leads to the body storing more fat.

5.Drink plenty of water lose belly fat

Drink plenty of water
Glass of water

According to the study consistently drinking water throughout the day can lead to a more active metabolism

Keep a aims to drink an 8 glass of water 8 times per day. Drinking water may increase your total energy expenditure by up to 100 calories per day .Water before meals can make you feel fuller ,So you will ultimately eat fewer calories.

Drinking more water also helps your body flush out waste/toxins and improves your overall health.

6.Don’t drink too much alcohol

Don't drink too much alcohol if your trying to lose belly fat.

Some alcohol may have some health benefit but there is also health risk for those who drink too much .

In study suggested that those who drink frequently have chances of increase excess fat storage around belly

Alcohol can increase your appetite. Further, when you’re drinking alcohol at a bar or party, the food on hand like pizza, wings, and other fried food also increase your abdominal area

7.Eat more protein to lose belly fat

Eat more protein
protein food

Protein is the most important when it matter of reduce belly fat.

By eating protein food can reduce the risk of illness like heart diseases and it burns your belly fat.

Instead of eating white bread ,rice items ,Sodas ,eat more vegetables and whole grains ,eggs, nuts ,meat ,dairy products . Salmon sardines or tuna fish is a high quality protein and rich in omega 3 acids .

8.Eat rich in fiber

Eat rich in fiber

Eating plenty of rich fiber food can help with reduce your wight

Rich fiber in fruits are bananas ,oranges, apples ,mangoes strawberries .In vegetables generally the darker color the higher the fiber

High in soluble fiber includes flax seeds,sweet potatoes ,nuts ,Brussels sprouts , beans ,legumes and grains like oatmeal .

However ,although soluble fiber may help you lose belly fat ,its not great idea to eat lots of soluble fiber .

Bottom line is have good food and lifestyle definitely will help you to lose some excess fat around your waist .

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