10 weird thing we all secretly do

10 weird thing we all secretly do

Being a normal human being some time we get tired and weird thing we love to do secretly when no one around us .

Here are the 10 weird thing we all secretly do

1.Daydream of you’re dating hot celebrity.

Once in your life time you might have dreamed of dating celebrity ,You love to go for date with him/her whom u like most .We all do secretly in our mind ,we create a complete imaginary relationship in our head with them whom we like most .

2. Practice poses in front of mirror

We do some poses in front bathroom mirror or may be in public toilet mirror when no one around us , As if we are some Spy agent like James bond and some time you might be winked yourself for boost confidence

10 weird thing we all secretly do

3. Singing loudly favorite hip-hop songs in bathroom

Some time when on one in the house you might have sang a song your favorite one loudly in bathroom while taking shower because you knew no one in the house to hear . You feel like you are the one of the celebrity singer

Ferris Buellers Day Off Singing GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

4.  Look your -ex on Facebook and when you see they married someone ugly. you get wicked smile

I need not tell anything on this ,you know very well on this ..

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5. Googling yourself more than once, twice or might be more then that

You might have googled your own name more then once because it doesn’t feel good while see your own name appeared on google because it feels like there should be more information about you , it might have hidden somewhere so you keep on google your own name .

6. Scratching your head and then picking out the bits of dandruff 

7.Watching yourself cry in the mirror just to see “Are you look Pretty” while cry

8. Think like dogs are mini horses and try to ride them

When you are alone in the house some time wired thing come in the mind . Same time if dog appear in front of you and No in the house to watch you ,you pretend like your dog is the mini horse and you try to ride him, As if you are going to conquer the world .

9.watching Porn in the bathroom.

10. Holding your breath in front of the mirror to see how you’d look after getting a flat belly

11. Secretly scratched your bum when no one was looking

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12. Tried to replicate the dance steps of the most viral song

Some time we try to replicate the dance which is almost went viral and most of us we try it in front of the mirror . while we feel like “yes” Even i can do the that , that is the time we usually fell down and we watch left and right and confirm ourselves is anybody seen us while fell down and laugh yourself. I think this is most us might have experienced .

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